Veggie Gourmet

Deluxe vegan treats, imported from Europe. Palm-Oil free. 

What is unique about our products ?

All our products are strictly palm-oil free and you'll see that most of them are organic, too :) Remember, Organic means that the ingredients aren't sprayed with pesticides and the soil they're grown in is full of natural minerals.

Review of Vego Chocolate

It's BIG, it's creamy, it's filled with hazelnuts and tastes like Nutella! Best vegan chocolate ever. Thanks Veggie Gourmet

About Us

Veggie Gourmet imports luxury vegan products from Europe. Always the highest quality products with the purest ingredients. Stocks are usually limited - don't wait too long or you might miss out :)

If you are in Cape Town, you can find us the Vegan Goods Market. Follow us on Instagram to get updates about upcoming markets. :) @veggiegourmet_sa